Subj: Phyllabuster 2000 -- GID & HHS -- GEA forms
Date: 1/6/00 1:55:14 PM Central Standard Time
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RE: Phyllabuster 2000 -- GID & HHS -- GEA forms

1. The Phyllabuster begins 2000 with hope
2. Department of Health and Human Services being asked to consider GID
3. Gender Education and Advocacy forms with some great leaders


Phyllis Randolph Frye, aka "the Phyllabuster"

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P.P.S. Did you do Amway before? Did you like the promise of the business and the product line? BUT DID YOU FINALLY GIVE UP AND QUIT BECAUSE: your uplines were religious extremists? or were political extremists? or were jerks, pure and simple? or demanded meetings and more meetings? or demanded you carry lots of inventory? or you could not handle the paperwork? Trish and I have been doing Amway since 1980 and ALL OF THAT NONSENSE HAS SINCE BEEN RESOLVED! If interested, send me back a note.

1. The Phyllabuster begins 2000 with hope

Dear Friends,

The year 2000 began with hope. I will be teaching law again. The students really pitched a valiant campaign to have me return. Out of the closet, of course! It will still be just one law course and as a part-time Adjunct Professor. Even so, I am very thankful because it keeps me in academia and adds to my resume. I will be published in two law journal articles and in the transgender chapter of an LGBT political textbook: all should be released by this fall. My continued teaching and the publications should help me in seeking a full-time professorship for the fall of 2000 or the fall of 2001.

While waiting for that to kick in, I still do a little bit of law practice. I still take folks through the courts to get their documents completed, still prepare will packages with emphasis on drafting in such a way as to protect LGBT folks from the families of their deceased beloved, and still take a few criminal cases. I must admit that from what I learned last semester while teaching Consumer Rights, that I have become very good at getting businesses who screwed their clients to come around. I imagine that I will take a few more of those clients also. But mostly, I am concentrating on teaching and writing.

Now that Amway has gone internet, I am open to picking up folks who tried it and had a previous bad experience but would be willing to try again with me as their sponsor and have all of the business done over the internet. So we will see.

My health is good. I still combat the sideroblastic anemia and its debilitating depression from time to time. I'm learning to recognize the onset and take folic acid early to deter it or at least blunt its effects. One side effect from taking large amounts of folic acid and vitamin B complex has been very nice. For over two decades, I've had one to four excruciating events with leg cramps that wake me in the night, each and EVERY night. After I starting taking extra vitamin B complex, the cramps simply stopped. I've had only one, night-time leg cramp episode in the past six weeks. That is very nice.

And I am overweight. I am planning to intentionally set aside more time for exercise this spring. I was doing pretty good last year until last summer when I had a left shoulder rotator cuff tear. It is almost healed now, and I have about 85% of the function that I'd lost due to the injury. And of course, no pain, hurrah!

My spouse, Trish, continues to teach. This is her thirty-fourth year. She may retire this summer if I get a professorship out of town. If not, she plans to go for one more year to the summer of 2001. Her problems of past years are now well managed. The grown kids and the grandchild are healthy and happy as well. The "damn dogs" are simply precious, as you would expect. The vegetable garden has winter rye growing on it at the time. The guitar has been ignored for a time, but it should be humming again in the coming months.

I derive much hope about the future from standing back and watching so many things that now go on without my help, push or initiation. Except for two national organizations, the TG community is fully re-integrated back into the LGBT political rights movement. TG activists are busy in most cities in EVERY state of the USA, in many other countries in the world. Back in the fall of 1991 when ICTLEP was merely a committee of the Houston GCTC group, there was no nationally focused TG legal or TG political rights focused movement. There had been some local and some state successes by some very dedicated people, but there was no nationally focused TG legal or TG political rights focused movement. Now there is MOMENTUM everywhere. People who used to curse me for my activism, now apologize and ask how to get involved. I am satisfied, and I am filled with hope.

If you are not yet active in protecting your legal and political rights as a transgendered person, I hope that 2000 is your year to take a stand for your future. AFTER ALL, MY FRIEND, IT IS YOUR TURN AT THE MILLSTONE!

Best wishes,

the Phyllabuster

2. Department of Health and Human Services being asked to consider GID


<< Subj: Gender Identity Disorder policy
Date: 12/31/99 12:18:16 PM Central Standard Time
From:  (L. Stewart)

Dear Phyllis,

I have asked the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) to reconsider their policy of excluding healthcare for the diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder (GID) and they have agreed. This email is a request for your input on the matter.

The 65 page documented request is available at . The HHS agency response covers the review process, contains mail and Internet contact numbers, and is available at . An initial decision is to be made before mid-March 2000.

Did you know this 1981 HHS policy is clearly in violation of the Medicare
Act? Or that recently that a court found a person denied benefits solely
on the basis of a Gender Identity Disorder diagnosis may file a claim as a civil rights violation? The fact is, Medicare policy currently covers all
the services, surgeries, and treatments, normally associated with GID but excludes coverage if the diagnosis of GID (transsexualism) is present.

While the evidence would show this to be a pretty clear issue, it is bias
that was evident in the 1981 policy, and in every case involving gender,
transgender, and sex, that could force this decision to not reflect the
facts. Evidence clearly shows Gender Identity Disorder is a serious illness that has a prescribed course of treatment that is not a cure but is

If the issue at hand was cancer, or the common cold, we would not think
twice about providing treatment. Do we change our viewpoint when the focus is taken from "cancer and the sick" to "homosexual and AIDS" or "transsexual and sex reassignment surgery?" Is one worse or better than the other? Need we compare dying from cancer with high rates of suicide and disease for the those with GID? Why should we ask more of sex reassignment than we do of chemotherapy?

I am asking you to ask the HHS Coverage and Analysis group to reconsider this issue of Gender Identity Disorder and related treatments in a fair and impartial manner, just as if the issue were any other illness. Please ask that this reconsideration be based in fact not bias or misinformation.


Lori E. Stewart



In a message dated 1/5/00 11:14:45 AM Central Standard Time,  writes:

<< Dear Phyllis,

Yes, I would appreciate your notifying anyone interested. To be honest, I
have put a great deal of time and money into this project over the last 18
months and am a little burned out. I cannot just let it drop but I would
give anything if someone wanted to take this over.

NGLTF is responding as well as many psychologists, a few surgeons, HBIGDA, etc. If I had to bet, I would say that the review will occur, due to the Medicare Act violation, however the outcome may not be what I proposed. If they deny this review, I would assume a civil rights claim could be made based on denial by diagnosis and Smith v. Rasmussen.



3. Gender Education and Advocacy forms with some great leaders


Subj: ANNOUNCING GEA: Press Release
Date: 12/31/99 10:04:01 PM Central Standard Time
From:  (Dallas Denny)

January 1st, 2000

For Immediate Release


Dallas Denny,
Jamison Green,
Jessica Xavier, , (301) 949-3822, vm box 8


ATLANTA, GA: The Board of Directors of Gender Education and Advocacy - Jamison Green, Dallas Denny, Jessica Xavier, Gwen Smith, Penni Ashe Matz and Sandra Cole (ex-officio) - are proud to announce the formation of GEA, the organization for gender variant people for the new millennium.


Gender Education and Advocacy (GEA) is a new national organization focused on the needs, issues and concerns of gender variant people in human society. We seek to educate and advocate, not only for ourselves and others like us, but for all human beings who suffer from gender-based oppression in all of its many forms. We also are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in Georgia.


Although we stand on the brink of new millennium, many in the gender
community will ask why we need another national transgender organization. While many organizations are now actively engaged in the political struggle to win civil rights for transgendered and gender-different people, there is still no effective national organization focusing on the many areas of *non-political* advocacy. There is a clear need for sustained, comprehensive and deliberate efforts in such areas as the improvement of transgender-related health care, HIV/AIDS education and prevention, health insurance coverage, education and credentialing of health care providers, and monitoring and responding to defamatory stories in the media. Two examples of existing GEA nonpolitical advocacy initiatives are the Gender Advocacy Internet News (GAIN) service (a joint venture with It's Time, America!) and the Washington Transgender Needs Assessment Survey, the second largest survey of an urban transgender population in the US.

As this movement enters its sixth decade, GEA will also concern itself with the preservation of our history - the people, the events, the books,
stories, films and video that have shaped our movement. The primary goal of this initiative will be the relocation and secure establishment of the National Transgender Library and Archive, the largest catalogued collection of works regarding gender variant people in the world.

Education is our middle name and our most important mission. The need for supportive ongoing public education to assist our political organizations is an obvious one. We cannot expect our elected representatives to vote for legislation favorable to transgendered citizens if the rest of their constituents continue to view us pejoratively. The stigmatized status quo for transgendered people is no longer an option. 

GEA will drawn upon the tradition of excellence exhibited over the past
decade by our forerunner organization, the American Educational Gender Information Service (AEGIS). Moreover, mindful of the latest
understandings of gender variance, we are developing customized educational materials targeted for specific audiences. We will train others who are willing to become gender educators for their local communities or in specific subject areas. Our educational materials will be distributed free of charge via our website. In time, we hope to become the premier public relations organization for gender variant people in this country.

Our website, located at , is quickly becoming one of the premiere locations for news, information, and additional resources for all
those involved or interested in gender issues. It serves as the home of the GAIN news lists archives and the award-winning "Remembering Our Dead" project, as well as the many informational resources and advisories authored by AEGIS, GEA's forerunner organization.


The initial Board of Directors of Gender Education and Advocacy:

Jamison Green, Chair
Former President of FTM International, Inc.; Board Member, IFGE;
Advisory Board Member, GenderPAC; writer and public speaker,
internationally recognized advocate for transgendered and transsexual
people's legal protection, medical access and safety, and civil rights

Dallas Denny, Secretary
Dallas Denny, M.A., has written many books and articles on gender
identity. She is founder and was for eight years Executive Director of
AEGIS, the American Educational Gender Information Service. She founded and grew the National Transgender Archive, the world's largest catalogued collection of material about gender identity. For twenty years she was licensed to practice psychology in Tennessee. She is now a resident of Georgia and has retired her Tennessee license.

Jessica Xavier, Treasurer
Former National Director, It's Time, America! former Spokesperson,
It's Time, Maryland! former Board Member, AEGIS; former Outreach
Director, TransGender Educational Association of Washington, DC;
former project consultant with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against
Defamation (GLAAD) Currently Survey Coordinator for the Washington
Transgender Needs Assessment Survey, the second largest of its kind
in the US.

Sandra Cole, Ph.D., Professional Services Director (ex-officio)
Past President of the American Association for Sex Educators,
Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) and an elected fellow of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality. She is Professor at the
University of Michigan and Director of the University of Michigan Gender Services Program. She has been an integral part of the trans community for more than 18 years.

Gwendolyn Ann Smith, Internet Services Director & Webmistress for AEGIS, ITA, Remembering Our Dead; Community Host, onQ's Transgender Community Forum, Transgender Gazebo @ Gay.Com; Transgender Community Advisor, GLBTHS; Former Board Member, AEGIS.

Penni Ashe Matz, Media Director & Manager, GAIN
Eastern Director, It's Time, America! Chair, It's Time, Massachusetts!
Director of Communications and Newsletter, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and
Transgender Employees of Bell Atlantic and their Allies (GLOBE)


Our Mission...

We are committed to the civil rights, health and well-being of all members of our diverse community. Accordingly, we dedicate ourselves to providing an array of information services, educational materials, advocacy training and technical assistance of the highest quality.

We pledge compassionate support and passionate advocacy on behalf of transsexual and transgendered persons in their journeys toward health of body and mind and in their pursuit of personal freedom, including the
freedom to alter their bodies and change their gender roles.

Our Values...

Fundamental to our success as an educational and advocacy organization is devotion to a unique set of values. This statement
of values defines and communicates those motivating philosophies behind our mission:

Excellence-- A primary value, our excellence is born of individual
commitment to the highest personal potential-- for if we are able to reach
our individual potential, we can achieve excellence as individuals, as an
organization and as a community.

Community-- We value its well-being and we are committed to its progress, as expressed through our involvement with other
transgendered, allies and other relevant persons and organizations that
vitalize, energize and support our trans communities in the cities, the
states, the country and the world. 

Diversity-- We intend to serve and to seek the involvement and cooperation of all members of our diverse community, including
female-to-male trans people; trans people of color and other ethnic
minorities; trans youth and seniors; transpeople living with HIV/AIDS and
other disabilities; intersexed persons, and our Significant Others,
Families, Friends and Allies.

Persistence-- Since change is often incremental in nature, we seek to
employ a determined patient focus in our advocacy efforts, noting that
smaller victories of today lead to larger victories of tomorrow. We
understand that we must act locally while thinking globally.

Service-- We recognize that a personalized commitment of caring for others can be the source of our own growth and well-being,
and we seek to foster this caring commitment in other members of our community.

Teamwork-- Our success stems from teamwork. We recognize the equal value and individual contributions of each team member. We believe in mutual regard for each other and for those we serve. We encourage teamwork by working together respectfully, communicating openly and supporting the expression of differing opinions and perspectives.

Progress and Innovation-- We understand the need for these attributes in the provision of our services and organizational management. While preserving the tradition and wisdom of those who have gone before us, we seek new information and state-of-the-art technology. We welcome new ideas to help us remain leaders in setting the direction of our community. 


We envision GEA's mission to be complimentary, not competitive with the excellent work of other national gender organizations. In the immediate future, we shall be announcing specific GEA initiatives and projects, along with requests for your financial support. All donations made to GEA are tax deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. But most of all, we want you to consider Gender Education & Advocacy YOUR organization. We want our services to be relevant to YOUR needs. Please let us hear from you, and look for future press releases that will let you know how you can be a part of this exciting new organization.



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