TRANSGENDER LEGAL was created to accelerate the legal freedom of transgenders!

Transgenders include, but are not limited to, part-time crossdressers and full-time transsexuals. This site is dedicated to assist them and any other person who expresses any type of actual or perceived gender presentation which is at variance with bipolar, socially assigned, gender presentations or gender identifications.

TRANSGENDER LEGAL is the official web site for Phyllis Randolph Frye, Esq., of Houston, Texas, USA. This site includes most of the two-plus decades of her writings and other items that she has produced in her quest for individual freedom and for freedom of her people.

Eagle Boy Scout, ~1962

sworn in as attorney, 1981

Eagle Boy Scout, ~1962

sworn in as attorney, 1981
In October of 2000, Ms. Frye presented a lecture at an annual symposium "Sexual Orientation: 'Family' and the Political Landscape for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender People (LGBT)" for the Albany Law Review. Her lecture was later written, along with co-author Alyson Meiselman, and published in the Albany Law Review (and is available herein). In the printed symposium program, Ms. Frye was described thus:

"Phyllis Randolph is an OUT transgender attorney from Houston. In her earlier life she was an Eagle Boy Scout, her high school's ROTC commander, a member of the Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets, a military officer, a civil engineer and a father. Ms. Frye has been involved, consistently on the front lines of the LGBT freedom movement, for 25 consecutive years. In 1980, she changed the Houston law against crossdressing. She founded the Transgender Law Conference in 1991. She was the pioneer in the national movement for transgender legal and political action. In 1995, Ms. Frye received the "Creator of Change" Award from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. In 1999, she received the Virginia Prince Lifetime Contribution Award from the International Foundation for Gender Education. During this year, she and attorney Alyson Meiselman of Maryland, took the Christie Lee Littleton case ( which declared that genitals were not dispositive in the legal definition of sex so that a transgendered woman, vaginaed for over twenty years, was declared to be legally male. (The Littleton case was denied certiorari to the US Supreme Court a few weeks ago.) She has also taught as an adjunct professor of law and wants to continue that if allowed."

Texas A&M Senior, 1970

ICTLEP Executive Director ~1994

Texas A&M Senior, 1970

ICTLEP Executive Director ~1994

Each visitor is encouraged to litigate, to lobby and to come OUT for their legal and civil rights as transgendered individuals. This is a tool for you or your lawyer to win those rights.

Everything within is copyrighted to Phyllis Randolph Frye, unless otherwise noted. You may use these materials as long as she is credited as the originator and author.

as father with her son, 1972

activist legalizing freedom ~1985

as father with her son, 1972

activist legalizing freedom ~1985


International Bill of Gender Rights

Health Law Standards of Care

Joint Statement: Gender Identity Disorder (ICTLEP and NCLR)

Policy for the Imprisioned, Transgendered

Non-Lawyer Checklist

Littleton 9 SW3d 225

Books and Law Reviews

Proceedings of TRANSGENDER Law Conferences (ICTLEPs)

Phyllabusters and Pre-Internet Calls to Action

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Other Legal Writings

Other Transgender Political Writings

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